My Best Finds for 2018 Metal Detecting San Diego Beaches

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I Went Metal Detecting and Refused to Let Her Win | Found Relics & 250 Year-Old Coins

I convinced Joce to follow me into a field in search of an old homesite. Sure enough, we found it. I guess I told her... You can watch her version of this hunt here: Part I: Part II: Whether you're searching for your first metal detector or an upgrade, a new coil, or pinpointer--we've got you covered. You can contact us for current promotions and authorized deals at Here's a link to our website: --GEAR-- Detector 1: Minelab Etrac ( Detector 2: Garrett AT Pro ( Pinpointer: ProPointer Z-Lynk ( Camera: Olympus TG5 ( --FOLLOW ME on SOCIAL MEDIA-- Facebook: Instagram:

Cache of coins found while metal detecting- LIVE!

Added: We do acknowlege that the use of a knife was a very bad idea. Mike thought it was some sort of plate and called me once he brushed away the dirt to film it's removal. The overwhelming excitement of realizing it was a container and anticipatation of what might be in it took away any calm sensibility.And for those asking, it was found with a Tesoro Cibola. Thanks! While metal detecting during the Grand National Relic Shootout sponsored by The Treasure Depot, Mike uncovers a cache of coins in the area of a Civil War camp among artillery frags and shells.

✅TOP 5 METAL DETECTING FINDS OF 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ #GarrettATPro #5280Adventures #MetalDetecting

Welcome to the TOP 5 metal detecting finds of 2018. 2018 was a very exciting year for me at 5280 Adventures. I made some incredible finds here in Colorado (top finds 5,4 and 3 of this video) as well as a trip to Ohio that I could have never expected (top finds 2 and 1 of this video). I took a trip to Nebraska as well this year and will plan on doing that again most likely in 2019 as well. I have made some incredible friends through this hobby of metal detecting as well. I dug with new friends that I made from my channel and enjoyed digging with old friends that I have been digging with for a while now. I hope that you enjoy this video of my TOP 5 metal detecting finds of 2018. If you like what you have seen, please hit that subscribe button, give me a thumbs up on the video and don’t forget to click the bell for notifications of new videos. Thank you so much for all the support and see ya in 2019. Here are the links to the full videos of my top 5 finds: #5: #4: #3: #2: #1: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get all your 5280 Adventures merchandise head to this link: All proceeds will be put back into the channel to bring you all your favorite content. Thank you for supporting my channel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don’t forget to follow me on social media: Email me at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gear used by 5280 Adventures in my videos: GARRETT AT GOLD, GARRETT AT PRO, GARRETT ACE 250 GARRETT CARROT PINPOINTER LESCHE DIGGING SHOVEL GRAVE DIGGER TOOLS 36" NEMESIS SHOVEL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music used in this video: Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10 Great Metal Detecting Tips For Beginners

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Metal Detecting DEEP TARGETS Using NEL Storm Coil For AT Max

Today we're metal detecting deep targets at an old urban gold mine. It's my gold mine at the park and we're going to look for old gold using the NEL storm for AT Max. Check Out Our FREE GEAR GIVEAWAY CONTEST: We're going to apply the same principles throughout the other videos. I'm at one of the city park at one of my old urban gold mines. This city park has been here since the 1930s & 1940s and it's always been packed. Gold is heavy and gold likes to sink down so we are going to be metal detecting deep today. I have the NEL Storm on the Garrett AT Max metal detector and we're not going to dig anything unless it is deeper than 1/2 foot. Check out the deep setup. I'm not going to dig 50 targets today because these are going to be very select targets. We're only going to be digging 1/2 foot and deeper targets and still in the gold range. And silver or a coin falls in there we're digging that too. We found some really old pull tabs and a buffalo nickel. This area has been pounded throughout the years and it has been pounded so much that metal detecting clubs have had hunts at this park. What I have noticed is that using the same basic principles that we've been talking about in the previous videos, urban gold mining, this is like a new place. We are finding a lot of old pull tabs and that is telling me that this place has not been metal detected for gold. There has not been any serious urban gold miners in this area for a long time. Another thing I've noticed is that when you're looking for old gold targets metal detecting, soil conditions play a part in it. You're checking out mineralization in the soil, looking for the right type of soil that might contain gold. This can help you out tremendously whether you're looking for old gold, old coins, old artifacts or anything. Soil conditions when you are metal detecting in an area where you are looking for old coins, old gold and old artifacts this is what you don't want to see. You see how loose the dirt is and how rocks are mixed in with it, it's real clumpy like clay and how loose it is at the bottom. You can tell it is fill dirt. That means at some point in time the park has put dirt to maybe level it out. This is not good for metal detecting for gold. We are looking for original soil conditions. Ed Huffman is back to urban gold mining at the city park using the nel storm coil with the Garrett AT Max & shares more metal detecting tips for metal detecting for parks. Check Out Our FREE GEAR GIVEAWAY CONTEST: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions or people interested in buying a metal detector can contact Ed Huffman. He is the owner of Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors! Store - Info Site - Link for Garrett AT MAX Special! Facebook: Twitter: #metaldetecting #treasurehunting #garrettatmax #treasuremtndetectors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quest for Gold Playlist:

Well I had a great year even though I didn’t get out as much over the summer. What I found has been all worth the time and I had a blast. Let’s hope 2019 is just as good or even better than 2018.

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