Shiny Drowzee after 1525 Friend Safari Encounters!

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How to Get UNLIMITED MONEY!!! (Splatoon Hide & Seek)

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Pokemon Showdown - Cocoon Team vs OU noob

Are cocoons underrated ? That's what we are going to see ! Music : Remix of Battle Frontier Brain's theme (Pokemon Emerald) by GlitchxCity

New Splatoon 2 Mini-game! Fizzy Dodge Bomb! | Fun Times With Woomys!

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Pokemon X - Part 1: The Quest Begins

This is part 1 of my Pokemon X play through, I hope you enjoy! Be sure to subscribe for future episodes! All of the footage was recorded during a live stream with a live audience, but I have condensed it for this YouTube video. I tried to keep things interesting, please let me know if you would rather I edit out more or less, if you like the "chat" text on the screen so you see what I'm responding to, etc. This series is very experimental and your feedback will help shape the rest of it! Twitter: Live Stream: Tumblr:

LET THE PARTY BEGIN! (Super Mario Party Livestream)

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It's been FOREVER since I got a Shiny! I hope you enjoy!

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