Shiny Magikarp LIVE REACTION! (105 Chain, 500+ Encounters)

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Splatoon 2 ASMR (Hide & Seek Funny Moments)

Thank you very much for listening to today's episode. GG Gabriel Gaming's channel: Viantastic's channel: Sagaci's channel: Crystal: Important links: My Patreon: Follow me on Twitter:

Is it Possible to Beat Pokemon Red/Blue with Just a Magikarp?

People claim that Pokemon Red/Blue (aka Generation 1) is too easy. Well I decide to make it a little more challenging by trying to beat the entire game with just a Magikarp. Is it possible? Watch and find out! EDIT: 20,000 likes in 4 days?! You guys are unreal, I'll have to start looking for a GameShark/Action Replay for GBA, and then I can start on the next part!

Top 10 Creepy Things in Pokémon

Nintendo fans, unite!► My Crossover with DYKGaming: Most of the time, Pokémon is a colorful happy world that's fun for all ages. But sometimes, things get pretty dark. Here's 10 of those dark moments. Want to follow my newest stuff? Follow me at: Gaming Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Blog:

SO LUCKY! SHINY MAGIKARP!! Live Reaction! Quest For Shiny Living Dex #129 | Pokemon ORAS

A LIVE Shiny MAGIKARP!!! on our Quest for Shiny Living Dex in Pokemon! Super Lucky, only a chain of 4! Join the Party LIVE here at Check out Ready2Frag: Use Code: "aDrive" for 20% off Lifetime! Shiny Magikarp, perhaps one of the easiest shinies to obtain and one of the Shinies I have many duplicates of. Regardless, still needed this golden fish for the Living Dex! -- Watch live at Shiny Living Dex: Living Dex Progress: Subscribe: My Channel: Instagram: Facebook: Daily Twitch Stream: Twitter: Be sure to LIKE* and Subscribe!

Opening a Flashfire Booster Box

March 29, 2017: FIVE MILLION FREAKING VIEWS! Oct 24, 2016: FOUR MILLION VIEWS. Seriously, though, everyone, thanks for your support! This means a lot! May 18, 2016: THREE. Million. Views. You're killing me, smalls! Oct 10, 2015: TWO MILLION VIEWS?! wut Feb 7, 2015: A MILLION VIEWS?! You guys are the best! Potentially the best Flashfire box on all of YouTube - but I'll let you be the judge of that. Hope you enjoy!

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