Sanne, 29, sold everything and moved to the Philippines

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Foreignoy Chu-Nee Akanbi: Mahal ko ang Pinoy kasi mababait na tao | Motorcycle Diaries

Nigerian Chu-Nee Akanbi delivers drums of water to residents in Binondo, Manila. Despite the backbreaking work, he loves his life as a Foreignoy in the Philippines. For more videos and updates from Motorcycle Diaries, visit: Subscribe to us! Find your favorite GMA Public Affairs and GMA News TV shows online!

Canadian Girl Finds Love On Top Of Jeepney In The Philippines

Canadian Girl Finds Love On Top oF Jeepney... Literally when travelling past taxi stands near uptown in Cagayan de Oro someone yelled... I LOVE YOU! So my friend Taylor "Tala" shouted it back! Oh and she probably blew about 100 kisses throughout this first ever top-loading adventure in Cagayan de Oro! So I think it is safe to say that my Canadian friend definitely found love!!! AYUS! This was a new experience for me and a first experience for Taylor! We went top-loading all the way from Mambuaya (the Talakag - CdO route) to downtown Carmen market! I also learned something today... Once you get into the main part of the city you are supposed to get off the roof and back into the Jeepney! We didn't know this, so please make sure if you end up on this Jeepney route to do so! Everyone in Cagayan de Oro was incredibly inspiring during our ride!! No wonder they call this place "The City Of Golden Friendship!" SUPER APIR! FOR MORE STORIES AND ADVENTURES PLEASE DO CHECK MY FACEBOOK PAGE: #BecomingFilipino SONG: Ehrling - Sommar

This Is Why We Travel PHILIPPINES - Cost For Foreigners 🇵🇭

New to The Philippines and Planning to go to El Nido and Coron ? This video is for you if you want to know how much will it cost. We stayed a while in the most beautiful island of the Philippines ! With our trip for 7 days here in the Philippines ending we thought we would walk you through exactly how much it cost us to travel in this tropical paradise. What a week this was! Full of island hoping and swimming with so many beautiful animal. By no means were we bored. __ More of Philippines That can help your travel : ⇢ Philippines or Thailand? Which is BETTER for travel destination? 🔴 Is Philippines safe to travel ? Check out our video to find out : 🔴 Are you curious on how much we spent on traveling the philippines ? Check out our cost of 1 month traveling Philippines here : 🔴 Visiting the Philippines is real fun, Check out our Philippines VLOGS Playlist : 🔴 Previous VLOG if you missed : travel day from Malaysia to the Philippines : 🔴What to do in Cebu Philippines? Check out our Cebu, Philippines VLOGS Playlist : 🔴 Snorkeling in Philippines is one of our best travel experience, We highly recommend you to check out VLOGS SERIES on Snorkeling in Philippines : 🔴 We love spending time in Manila and would love to share all the amazing experiences with you! : 🔴 Dumaguete, Negros oriental in the southern of Philippines got the nickname as 'the city of gentle people' Here you can get the idea of where to visit in Dumaguete and around : 🔴 Siquijor is truly a one of a kind island in Philippines full of witchcraft, healing, spiritual rituals and beaches. Check out our VLOGS SERIES to find out more : __ WANT TO FOLLOW ALONG OUR JOURNEY AND SUPPORT US ? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! ⌲ SUBSCRIBE to get daily dose of adventure and life of travelers as mixed Thai-American couple ⌲ BECOME A PATREON: to keep us on the road, also you will get access to special community perks beyond in YouTube channel ⌲ LET'S CONNECT! -- -- -- ⌲ Cool MERCH and inside TRAVEL TIPS: __ GREAT DEAL FOR YOU ⇢ SAVE ON AIRBNB UP TO $40: ⇢ OTHER ACCOMMODATION : ⇢ TRAVEL ESSENTIAL : __ About Divertliving American and Thai travel couple left the career in military and finance to become travel story teller. We met in 2015 in South Korea when Jimmy was in U.S. army and Tah studied for bachelor degree. In 2017, September, we both started traveling and created ' divertliving ' to share with world that we are not rich, but we can still travel well and enjoy our life. The content is uploaded almost everyday, providing real travel experience, traveling tips, struggle we have been through while traveling. You will see how it is like traveling as a mixed couple, it is greatly challenging in terms of cultural difference ( and so many more differences ) __ OUR CAMERA GEAR - ( This is the main gear. We use a lot more little suff. Let us know if you want a detailed list. These links help support us and let us continue what we love. With no extra cost to you!) Canon 70D ( ) Tiffen Variable ND filter ( ) 50mm lens ( ) Canon G7X ( ) DJI Mavic Pro Fly More ( ) Camera Bag ( ) GoPro Hero 4 Silver ( Joby gorilla pod (must have) ( ) Power Adapter ( ) Tripod ( ) Mono Pod ( ) Seagate External hard drive(2TB) ( ) Edited on: Macbook pro 15 inch ( ) ⇢ Our Travel and Vlogging Kit is always changing / added you can check it out here for the real time update __ We have been inspired to pursue our dream of traveling the world by many amazing youtubers travel vlogger, we would love to show gratitute and let you know who has inspired divert living channel in so many ways : +Kara and nate +casey neistat +lostleblanc +funforluis +wil dasovich +mark weins __ Travel Tag : Cost of travel Philippines How to travel Palawan El nido and coron Palawan tour backpacking Philippines best tour philippines Palawan Palawan travel guide El nido travel guide Coron Travel guide

Homeless Teens

A project for my Christian Ethics class. Acting/Edited/Scripted/Directed by HEYjosey Cammi (played by me) is a "cameo" of various stories told by homeless teens. The interviews at the end are real responses to the questions previously listed. ****UPDATED AS OF JUNE 17th 2011*** The assignment for the project was to create a vignette based off a marginalized persona of our choice. I chose homeless teens because the number in my town is so many. The responses given by Cammi (played by HEYjosey) are actual statistical and testimonial responses collected from various databases, statistics and blogs to portray bits of stories told by several homeless teens. (This was something I had discussed during the presentation of my video during class and was a requirement outlined in the assignment guidelines) The people interviewed at the end of the video however, are actual responses. After filming my vignette of Cammi, I walked around downtown with a small flip camera and mic, blatantly asking them the questions you see written. Their responses absolutely tore me apart. I'm a strong advocate for helping young homeless teens: hence my documentary. Once again, I apologize for the confusion. I did not expect this video to have as many views as it did, as it was just a class assignment. However, I am grateful that my work has managed to stir hearts and open minds to the challenges youth face in the 21st century. Hopefully with this new mindset, you can help change the stigma that is shown in the interview responses.

Crossing Vietnam Border to Cambodia on a Motorbike Vietnamese Plates

Vietnam Border into Cambodia with a Bike © 2017

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Sanne Sevig lived a stress-filled life in Sweden. When she fainted behind the wheel she decided to move abroad. She ended up in the beautiful island of Siargao in the southeast Philippines where she now runs a hostel and living a relaxed life.

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